proyecto amaro pargo

The Amaro Pargo treasure

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Introduction Legend has it that he had a great treasure that he hid somewhere on the island. Your goal is to find it! Will you be able to do it? Story Amaro Pargo was a privateer born in La Laguna (Tenerife). A unique story, which… Leer más »The Amaro Pargo treasure

imagen de la ultima batalla guanche

The Last Guanche Battle

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Introduction An online and face-to-face game of clues to discover Guanche history and the secrets of the municipality of Tegueste. Story Immerse yourself in the Guanche culture and the history of the Villa de Tegueste; you will be able to discover the secrets and unknowns… Leer más »The Last Guanche Battle

The Program

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Introduction The training course will be arranged in Oct-Nov 2020 in Tenerife – Canary islands (Spain). The TC will have a 7 days duration with 30 participants.